Matt Pilcher, Web & Game Developer

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Sass, Bootstrap & PHP


Hi There!

My name is Matt Pilcher, I am a web & game developer from Portsmouth UK.
I love programming, learning new things and everything to do with web development.

I am currently focusing on front end development, using technologies including Javascipt, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 & Sass.
However I also love designing in Photoshop, Illustrator & Flash, and use back end languages such as PHP.

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I Also Make Games!

I also make games

I have created a few games, over the last couple of years.

Two of these have been released onto the App Store, "Oscars Revenge" & "Nightmare Kid". These were solo projects in which I enjoyed creating all the artwork, and code for.

I learnt alot while creating these games and feel there are many skills which I have bought over to web development.

Latest Projects

Fitness Gym

A site created for a pretend fitness website, to add to my portfolio.

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The Beach Hut

A site created for a pretend restaurant, to add to my portfolio.

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A site created for a pretend dvd company, to add to my portfolio.

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Oscars Revenge Released On iPhone!

oscars revenge logo

After Oscars wedding day took a turn for the worst, he was forced on a journey to seek revenge.

Help Oscar travel through over 40 levels in this challenging platformer, avoiding deathly obstacles and dangerous enemies.

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