I am a web & game developer from Portsmouth UK.

I have been creating iOS game apps, smaller games for the last 2 years. I am now focusing on web development and looking for a junior position.

Please feel free to browse my work or send me an e-mail.

I will be re-designing this website soon.

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Latest Projects

Fitness Gym

A website created for a pretend fitness website, to add to my portfolio.

The Beach Hut Website

A website created for a pretend restaurant, to add to my portfolio.

DVDFlix Website

An E-commerce Website created for a pretend dvd company, to add to my portfolio.

   Oscars Revenge Released On iPhone!   

After Oscars wedding day took a turn for the worst, he was forced on a journey to seek revenge.

Help Oscar travel through over 40 levels in this challenging platformer, avoiding deathly obstacles and dangerous enemies.

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   Feel Free To Get In Touch With Any Enquires.